Hello, my name is Eryk and I am a software developer. I have been doing web development since 2016. I am currently interested in the Spring Framework, microservices, DevOps, CI/CD, containers.

My projects

“Done is better than perfect”

Monitoring power usage

Visualising my smart plug data in Grafana (2022)

Homelab v1

Making use of my Raspberry Pi (2021-2022)

Making my first game

My current long-term project is to make a 2D browser MMORPG (early 2021)

Learning AWS

Fun with serverless (2020)

Dockerizing my web apps

My web apps containerized with Docker (2019-2020)

Linkzone Web App

Web app built in Vue.js and Spring Boot (2018-2019)

Margonem Inventory Helper

Web app built in Vue.js and Django (early 2018)

Movie Web App

Web app built in Django (2016)