Movie Web App


After a few months of using Python, I wanted to start learning web development. At the time I didn't like that you can't rate the same title multiple times on IMDb. This is why I decided to build an app that better suited my needs.

The IMDb API and other 3rd party APIs have changed or stopped working since I created this app, so the app is not as functional as it was before.

The app should be available here:

Tech stack

Feature overview

  • asynchronous celery tasks for adding new movies & tv-shows using external APIs
  • integration with an IMDb's account (you could import ratings from your IMDb account and keep the ratings on both websites synchronized)
  • rate the same title multiple times
  • export your ratings in csv format
  • add titles to your watchlist and favourites
Home page
Movie page
User page
User's favourite titles
Menu for importing titles from file or syncing data with IMDb's account
Manage your rating history