Margonem Inventory Helper


One of my favourite games was a browser MMORPG called Margonem. This game has thousands of items for each character class and picking the best equipment for your character & lvl is challenging.

I created an Inventory Helper for this game. First I scraped the items (stats & graphics) and then created a web app where you can easily search items, add them to your virtual equipment so you can see how good your character would be with that equipment and if it's worth getting in the game.

The app should be available here:

Tech stack

Feature overview

  • adding new items from the game using web scraping scripts
  • browse a list of items split into different categories
  • right click the item to add it to your virtual equipment
  • build the entire equipment and see it's summary
  • generate URL for your virtual equipment so you can share it with others
This is the Margonem game. Character equipment is in a red circle
Search items by lvl, name, character class
Hover the item to see its stats
Right click the item to add it to your virtual EQ and see stats summary